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The National Party's commitment to crack down on serious youth offenders will make our community safer, says Andrew Falloon, National Party Candidate for Rangitata.

In April this year, in response to ongoing issues with a small group of offenders, retiring National MP Jo Goodhew invited the Minister responsible for Youth Justice, Mark Mitchell to Ashburton to hear local concerns. 

“I was at that meeting, along with more than two hundred concerned residents. I heard some of the awful stories people had, and their ideas about what the community and Government could do to improve the situation.

"We've listened, and we've acted.

“Since that meeting I’ve had a number of discussions with Mark Mitchell and the Justice Minister’s office about those ideas. I’m thrilled that a number of them have been picked up, particularly wider use of the military, with one year courses at Waiouru for violent and recidivist young offenders. Young people who continue to reoffend will be dealt with by the adult court system rather than the Youth Court.

“Negligent parents will be held to account. Police will have the power to issue instant fines to parents with children under the age of 14 out walking the streets without adult supervision between midnight and 5.00am. A re-elected National Government will also give the Youth Court the ability to impose mandatory parental education programmes, even if they discharge the charge against a young person.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home, when they’re at work or when they’re in town. The changes announced by Bill English show that a re-elected National Government will continue to work to keep our community safe, and shows the importance of having a strong local voice in that Government,” Falloon said.

The full policy is available HERE

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