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National Party Candidate for Rangitata Andrew Falloon has today questioned the Labour Party's ability to come up with a consistent message for South Canterbury voters just eight weeks out from the election.

"On Friday last week the Timaru Herald ran a story quoting Labour Party candidate Jo Luxton, who claimed that a Labour Government would scrap ECan's log burner rule." 

Ms Luxton has had ample time to correct that story or her statements if they weren't accurate.

"On Wednesday the Herald ran a follow-up story, quoting a Labour Party spokesman that a Labour Government would not intervene, flip-flopping on the Labour candidate's pledge to do just that." 

"Part of being an effective local Member of Parliament is being able to persuade other MPs, and having the backing of your colleagues.

"It's disappointing that so close to an election the Labour candidate would seek to make promises she is clearly not able to fulfil, and more disappointing that after nine years of chaos in opposition, Labour still struggle to come up with a consistent message on anything.

"My position has been clear from the start. One of ECan's core roles is listening to the community, and I expect them to do that. While policies around log burners are a matter for ECan, I do believe that changes need to be made to the National Environmental Standard. I have made that clear to Environment Minister Nick Smith, and he agrees with me," Mr Falloon says. 

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