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National Party Candidate for Rangitata Andrew Falloon is challenging the Labour Party to be upfront about the cost of their water tax to Canterbury.

"In recent days the Labour Party have been all over the place, contradicting one another and themselves over how much their water tax will be."

David Parker has said the tax will raise anywhere between $100 million and $500 million, Grant Robertson has at different times said the rate would be one cent per thousand litres, or two cents per thousand litres, while Stuart Nash wants it as high as ten cents a litre.

"Even taking the most conservative figure Labour's water spokesman David Parker has suggested, $100 million, the majority of that cost will fall on Canterbury.

"Given that they're inexplicably not seeking to charge major water users in urban centres like Coca Cola, only rural areas, it's clear that farmers are their target.

"65% of New Zealand's irrigation occurs in Canterbury, so in absence of any clarity from Labour we have to assume that Canterbury's water tax bill will be $65 million or more.

"Other than giving a significant portion of the tax to iwi, where will the rest of Canterbury's water tax go?

"It's staggering that a major political party would be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Cantabrians by not telling us how much their water tax will be, and where they'll take it.

"Just five weeks out from an election it's time for Labour to be honest with voters on all the taxes they're not being upfront about: the water tax, higher fuel taxes, a land tax, and a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax.

"Only National has a credible plan to clean up Canterbury's waterways, working with farmers to reduce nitrate levels, fence waterways, and encourage riparian planting," Falloon says. 

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