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National Party Candidate for Rangitata Andrew Falloon is to meet with Environment Canterbury to discuss the implementation of the clean air plan and the effect on log burners.

"I've arranged to meet with ECan to discuss how they plan to deal with the concerns the community has raised,” Mr Falloon says.  

"Everyone in our community wants clean air, but nobody wants vulnerable people, particularly the elderly, put in a position where they're unable to heat their home. Part of ECan's role is listening to the community, and I'd expect them to do that," Falloon said.” 

Falloon also expressed surprise at the comments of the local Labour Party candidate, who appears to be at odds with her own party. 

"ECan's clean air standards are a result of the directive from the then Labour Government in 2002, requiring that instances of PM10 concentrations (particles less than 10 microns in diameter) are breached only once per year. National relaxed that standard to three instances per year after coming into Government, and were criticised by Labour for it,” Mr Falloon says.  

"It's surprising that the Labour candidate wouldn't be aware it was her own party who brought in these requirements. 

"I've spoken to Environment Minister Nick Smith in relation to the National Environmental Standard, which is currently being reviewed, as I believe further changes should be made. 

"I've also invited him to come to Timaru to attend a public meeting to discuss air quality standards in Canterbury.”

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